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dselect tutorial

     Is anyone working on an update for the dselect tutorial that
has traditionally been kept in the disks-i386 directory?  It is
somewhat out of date.  If no one is working on it, or claims
ownership, I will try to do something with it next week.  I plan
to refer to it in the README-upgrade for the 2.1 CD.

     I would like to see it included in either /install or
/upgrade on the CD.  If it will stay in the
debian/dists/stable/main/disks-i386/current/ directory on the CD,
I can include a symlink to it in the /upgrade directory.  Phil,
do you see any likelihood of the directory structure changing for

     Adam, several weeks ago we discussed the possibility of
incorporating the upgrade README into the Installation Manual.  I
now think this would be unwise.  The documents are intended for
two distinct audiences.

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