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Re: Bug#30739: When a tiny part of a package uses non-free libraries

On Wed, Dec 16, 1998 at 10:13:10AM -0500, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> However, it's true that we don't strictly list all dependencies
> which would make the contents of a package useful.  For example,
> We may include html docs without _depending_ on a web browser.

May be okay as you can read them as ascii files.

> We may include an emacs mode and only _suggest_ emacs.

That IMO is plain wrong. You cannot use an emacs mode without emacs.

> your packaging of pcmcia-cs).  We should be adamant that `main'
> should be about _free_ software; cardinfo isn't.

But pcmcia-cs is. And putting it into contrib doesn't look right, does it?

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