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Re: Bug#30739: When a tiny part of a package uses non-free libraries

> pcmcia-cs only suggests non-free/libforms0.88, however it contains
> /usr/X11R6/bin/cardinfo, which DEPENDS non-free/libforms0.88.  I think
> it's DFSG violation.

While I appreciate your attention to details and pedantic advice, I 
would like to point out that cardinfo is not required for PCMCIA 
support.  It is merely a cute little X application that monitors the 
PCMCIA slots and allows the user to interactively send commands to 
cardmgr, the PCMCIA card management daemon.  This is why pcmcia-cs only 
"suggests" libforms and does not "depend" on or "recommend" it.  
According to current Debian policy, a package must be placed in contrib 
if it "depends" on or "recommends" a non-free package.  It does not 
require packages that "suggest" a non-free package to be moved to 

> I think cardinfo should go in contrib, cardinfo should be removed or
> someone should develop DFSG free utility like cardinfo.

First, I would like to say that your third alternative is definitely 
the best.  Are there any volunteers to port cardinfo to use a DFSG-free 
library?  If given such a utility, I'll place it in the pcmcia-cs 
package and dump the libforms-based cardinfo.

Otherwise, I don't think that anything needs to be changed, however.  
Splitting cardinfo into its own package is a bad case of excessive 
package fragmentation, in my opinion.  Cardinfo comes from the same 
upstream sources as the rest of the PCMCIA utilities, it is a small 
program, and it will never be used without having the rest of the 
PCMCIA support programs installed.  Therefore, I don't think that it 
merits its own package.  Having an extra 24k of support data for a 12k 
program seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Unless someone strongly objects, I shall close this bug report as I 
consider it not to be a bug.


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