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Re: FWD: Bug#30702: open: /bin/open PERMISSION MISMATCH

On Mon, Dec 14, 1998 at 01:41:54PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
[suidmanager sending spurious warning messages every day]
> Hi, I see this too. it's because I made a version of debhelper in unstable
> include the `0'. Should I not do this, or will the new suidmanager version
> you're developing handle it ok?

Well, the new version of suidmanager (which, btw, is basically finished) is
able to handle this, but I'm very skiddish to release it, as some people
may be depending on it for their system's security.  What's your opinion?
Should I release it to unstable, experimental, or just ask everyone who
comes along with this problem to test it?


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