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Re: OCAML Debian package

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Kristoffer Rose wrote:

> This is a good idea but you should of course contact the maintainer of the
> existing OCAML package, version 1.05-2, before going further!  It is
> Christophe Le Bars <clebars@debian.org>.  Allow some weeks for the reply.

I've already contacted him and got his blessing. I wouldn't have posted this
comment about ocaml package if I had not.

He said he didn't release more versions of ocaml after 1.05-2 because of
licensing problems and that I should contact Objective Caml developer for
permission. I contacted ocaml development team and they said there was no
problem at all, it's fine to make a Debian package for ocaml 2.01.

> documented, etc.  Maybe the system is so different that it should have a
> new name so the two can coexist?  There may be many issues to discuss!

No, no. Ocaml new versions only imply bugfixes and new functions etc.
Binaries compiled are the same and code that runs on 1.05 will run on 2.01.
I think there are enough improvements in version 2.01 to have to release a
debian package for it. 

> Also you should be ready to prepare your package with whatever is necessary 
> to compile it on non-i386 systems if this is at all possible.

I think I can prepare sparc and maybe m68k package too, but there is no
difference from compiling in i386 at all.

> pressure up on INRIA to change over to the GPL since there is a strong
> movement inside INRIA to do this with Bernard Lang among its chief
> advocates.)

I do agree. I will ask Xavier Leroy about it, maybe they're chaging their
mind (?)


Fernando Sanchez

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