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Re: Including package's home page with package description

There is currently the following email address for packages:
Package Contacts -- <packagename>@packages.debian.org

maybe a http://www.debian.org/packages/<packagename> web page could be 
created and even generated from the information in the .deb?  Of course, 
that still doesn't address the initial problem: that the home page is not 
included in that info :)


In message <[🔎] 199812141543.KAA27118@mixing.qc.dfo.ca>, Peter S Galbraith 
>When I navigate the net for new software, I like to see
>screenshots (eg. LyX, wxftp, xemacs, etc).  I presume that users
>navigating http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages would also
>often want to know more about a package before downloading it.
>A few of these questions could be answered with an extra link to
>the package's home page (if it exists) on the Debian package's
>The only problem is that this info is not currently included with
>the packages.
>Perhaps a new and optional www line in the control file would be
>a nice addition?
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