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Re: DPLs : what do you think about ...

And thus spake Ben Collins, on Sun, Dec 13, 1998 at 08:36:13PM -0500:
> That is partly true I'm sure. But seeing the large amount of packages
> being uploaded to unstable only leads me to believe that it is more due to
> a lack of focus as was admitted by several maintainers. The thinking goes
> something like:
> "ok, I have a new upstream release I want to make available, I upload it
> to unstable since my frozen package only has 1 normal bug and a wishlist
> bug and the upstream release doesn't fix those any way, plus they wont let
> me upload a new upstream release to frozen. two weeks later I all of the
> sudden I have 5 normal bugs and 2 more wishlist bugs on the frozen
> package, but I don't want to go back and fix these, it would mean
> backporting the package and merging into the latest package in unstable" 
> So they go on. This is pretty apparent in a lot of packages.

That is directly the fault of the packager, and not the system. That
someone does not properly maintain their frozen package is a serious
problem that should be addressed, but not by limiting the ability to
work in a real, production, _unstable_ tree.

You need to correct the _maintainer_, not the system.

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