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Re: Bug#30451: postgresql: proposed-updates version of postgresql is slink, not hamm

Thomas Roessler wrote:
  >Package: postgresql
  >Version: N/A
  >Version 6.3.2-15 of postgresql (which was uploaded to
  >proposed-updates) does _not_ install on a current hamm system due to
  >unresolved dependencies which seem to be slink-specific.

and Sean <shaleh@foo.livenet.net> wrote:
  >Version: 6.3.2-13
  >The new version depends on tkstep, ratrher than tcl/tk.  Can we kill tkstep 
  >I am sure other people are tired of this bug.  Not your fault.

Is there anyone who has an untouched hamm system who can do a build of
postgresql 6.3.2-15, please?

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