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Re: Code Freezes (was: Re: XFree86-3.3.3 is really not in slink?)

> > Yes, but announcing it on debian-devel is a lot different from advertising
> > it on the web site, having an IRC party, submitting it to Slashdot, et
> > cetera.
>  If we don't publicize the freeze, where are we going to get the people that
>  test the distribution from? Or do you have any other reason for the number
>  of critical and important bugs to rise by a significant ammount on every
>  freeze?
>  Marcelo.

I quite agree with you. But I think that the way this freeze was handeled
was very poor. It makes sense to set a freeze date goal. If this is missed
(as happened with slink) it is not a problem, a new goal is set.
Eventually once a freeze is attained, we THEN advertise the freeze, and
make it very clear that it is to be used for testing only.

But the way the freeze is advertised is very important. People need to
understand that the release is not stable and not for general use. I don't
feel that is the case with slink. 


                   this IS the state of nature.


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