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Re: Draft new DFSG

Previously Joey Hess wrote:
> This is why you see so many bugs lately marked fixed or retitled to FIXED,
> because they are fixed, but the person who fixed them or who notices they
> were fixed lacks authority to do it.

Annoying, isn't it? I do it quite often to keep the number of release-critical
bugs down :).

Personally, I would have absolutely *no* problem with others closing bugreports
for my packages, although it is something amusing to be in the 3l1t3-group
of maintainers with over 100 bugs.

I can see however that in general allowing one to close bugs for another
maintainer does not scale very well.

> Also, some bugs are quite plainly bogus or operator error, and it'd be nice
> to be able to clear out clutter in the BTS by closing them when you notice
> them.

Severity bogus :). This is something that indeed annoys me greatly: a lot
of bugs that are filed are actually no bugs at all. You can however explain
the real problem and ask the submitter to close the bug.


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