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copyright of LDP

After the discussion about the copyright of LDP, the packages that i'will
make I have collect some information about licences in my home page.
this is because are too big to post on the list...
You can find the collection at:


i'm sorry if is not perfect in html and is  non grafical nice but is 
only a method to show the licences. Contact me if there are problems
with html.

Please if possible read and confirm or not the following, maybe 
wrond, opinions:

*) Installation and getting started guide (en and it version) non-free 
   section of debian 
*) Sistem administrator guide (italian translation) main section of debian
*) Lynux Kernel Guide non-free section of debian
*) User Guide non-free section of debian
*) Linux Programmer guide non-free section of debian
*) Network administrator guide non-free section 

The books that are in non-free section are for this point of the licence 

"Any translation or derivative work of Linux Installation and Getting
Started (but this document refers for the other guides) must be approved
by the author in writing before distribution."  

or for linux programmer guide:

" 2.If you make money with it the authors want a share. "

I have problems to  understand what is the "true" copyright for this type
of  documents, for example I have found two different licences for the
user guide.

I have posted this mail to debian-dev because is the main list for
discussion but is is off-topic be free to comunicate to me

Best regards 

Andrea Fanfani

Andrea Fanfani

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