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Re: Question about pidfiles

--On Thu, Dec 3, 1998 9:49 pm +0000 "Tom Lees" <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> I am currently packaging imwheel. However, there is a problem.
> imwheel wants to create a pidfile when it is run. However, this
> is fundamentally against the way X works - it means only ONE
> instance of imwheel can be run on one machine at a time (as
> opposed to one per X display, which would be the correct thing
> to do).
> What cna I effectively do about this (or should I email the
> author and ask its behaviour be changed)?

I would patch the program so that the pid file has the name


Where 'display:0.0' is the contents of the DISPLAY environment variable.

Then forward the patches upstream :-)


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