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Intent to package: PIKT

PIKT is a systems monitor/first line defence in event of problems.

>From the web-site:

What is PIKT?
     An acronym:  Problem Informant/Killer Tool. 
     An innovative new paradigm for administering heterogeneous networked
       workstations.  PIKT monitors
     systems, reports problems, and fixes those problems automatically
       whenever possible. 
     An embedded scripting language.  Sporting an especially clean syntax,
       the PIKT scripting language shares
     many elements in common with other familiar languages.  But the PIKT
       language breaks new ground,
       introducing unique features to make your programming easier. 
     A sophisticated control mechanism for managing your administrative
       scripts. You can, setting aside the
     PIKT language, even use it to version control, install, error log,
       and schedule programs written in other
       languages, as well as to employ macros, meta-comments, and C-like
       #if and #include directives in Perl, AWK, etc. 
     Freeware, distributed under the GNU copyleft. 
     Available now for Solaris, SunOS, and Linux.  (Other ports are

More information can be found at: http://pikt.uchicago.edu/pikt/

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