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Re: Leadership, effects on Debian and open source community

--On Wed, Dec 2, 1998 6:34 pm -0800 "Joseph Carter" <knghtbrd@debian.org>

>> > And we'll just compromise our morals, our commitment, and our
>> > credibility away.  Congratulations Debian, you're the next Eric
>> > Well meaning and with high principles, but ready to compromise whenever
>> > we think we need to.  I cannot find this acceptable in any way, shape,
>> > or form.
>> I'm confused by you here.  What is your suggestion?  We don't compromise,
>> and hence chuck out TeX and apache?
> If we are saying from the outset we will accept things we'd prefer not to
> have as we do now, it's different than if we decide to adopt something
> DOESN'T have provision for it and then take things that don't fit it.
> I'm not real hot on saying one thing and doing another.

Ah.  No, that's not what I was advocating.  I was simply wishing to say out
loud that I agreed with Ian in so far as I don't like the patch clause or
the advertising clause.  I am certainly *not* in favour of saying one thing
and doing another (and I am probably not in favour of deprecating the patch
clause or the advertising clause).


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