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Intent to package: Erlang.

Although it hasn't been officially released yet, Ericsson have signaled
that they will be releasing their functional programming language Erlang
as open-source (probably using the EPL -- Erlang Public License which
is a variant of MPL -- main changes are to make it legal in Sweden).

I intend to package Erlang for Debian.  

See http://www.erlang.se/

(Ericsson recently released Eddie at www.eddieware.org, which
is a suite of programs for creating high availability cluster
applications -- including IP Migration Application,
Load-balancing DNS Server, Intelligent HTTP Gateway, and
Content Replication Application.  Since Eddie is written in
Erlang, I will be happy to work with anyone who is interested in
packaging these applications).

Tyson Dowd   <tyson@tyse.net>   http://tyse.net/

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