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Intent to package: fudgit

Fudgit is a double precision multi-purpose fitting program which serves
as a nice frontend to plotting programs like Gnuplot. I have been using
it for quite some years. One problem, however is that the latest
upstream release was almost four years ago! It seems reasonably stable
enough. I have tried emailing the original author with little success.

I do have a question related to its copyright. Here is the verbatim
copyright from the source tree:

    Copyright (C) 1993   Martin-D. Lacasse
    See the Copyrights file for more detail, or the `README' help topic.

    Permission to use, copy, and distribute this software and its
    documentation for any peaceful purpose and without fee is hereby
    granted, provided that the above notices appear in all copies and
    that both those notices and this permission notice appear in
    supporting documentation. No part of this can be used for commercial

    Send bugs, comments or suggestions to



    This software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

My reading of this is that it is DFSG compliant. The last line, viz.
"No part of this can be used for commercial purposes" is the catch IMO. 
Unless otherwise shown, I am going to package it as non-free.



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