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Multicd disks

I've just managed to get a set of CDs written yesterday containing the
multicd package files and (apart from broken libstdc++!!!!! Aaargh!) the
installation now works very well indeed, considering the limitations of

I did find a few issues, though: (multicd v0.11)

1. If you start dselect with a CD mounted and do the setup, all appears
fine. multicd detects you have a plausible CD mounted and asks if it is
one of the set. Cool. Update works, as does package selection. But then
the install doesn't start properly, giving errors from mount. If you start
again and make sure that the CD is unmounted for the method setup step
then all runs fine.

2. I think I can see why they appear from the way the multicd method
works, but the errors from failing sym-links definitely are disconcerting
while installing things. Is it possible to hide these? 

3. I guess it'd be quite difficult, but can we ask for the next disk
rather than simply finishing the install saying OK in between each of the

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