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Re: Devscripts maintainer

> In article <[🔎] m0zidbl-000Ij5C@polya>, jdg@maths.qmw.ac.uk (Julian Gilbey) writes:
> > The devscripts package seems to still be maintained by Christoph
> > Lameter, even though it has not been mentioned in the debian-devel
> > list.  (See the forwarded message from the bug tracking system
> > below.)
> > I think that this package is too important to be orphaned, although
> > it is not listed on the WNPP web page.  I am willing to take it on
> > if that's OK.
> I assume you've tried to contact Christoph, asking for his blessing
> for you to take it over, or for him and yourself to work together on
> fixing the problems?
> I see that he is active and posted to <debian-devel> a few days ago.
> I would bless you to take it over, but you need to give it at *least*
> three weeks for Christoph to reply.  Otherwise you are package
> hijacking!

Since the list moved so quickly to say that Christoph had left, I
joined the party.  Now that Christoph has reasserted his existence, I
have of course discussed it with him and have his blessing.  I would
certainly never want to hijack a package: there's quite enough work to
go around without needing to steal work from other people!!

> Could you do NMUs (with diffs to the BTS and all that) for a few
> critical bugs for slink, perhaps? Or even just for potato.

I'm going to download the package and all of the bug reports, and work
on it over the next few days, I hope.



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