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Re: intent to package OSH

 Nothing? I sure thought wrote something...
 But pardon me please, I'm new here. :)

 Anyhow, it's a secure operator shell.. does something similar to sudo, but
 interactive. Whereas sudo simply runs a command or something as root, osh 
 is a restricted interactive root shell, that only allows operators to 
 run allowed commands, and access allowed files.

 It's a pretty nifty little utility, I've got it installed on most of my 
 machines in my shop. I just want to start to contribute something to Debian, 
 and I figure this is as good as any, not to mention that it's listed as
 something that people have expressed interest in having available as a
 Debian package, according to the WNPP page. 

  Preston M. Smith	                     |   Purdue Libraries     
  psmith@lib.purdue.edu		             |   Stewart Center 

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