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menu and __register_frame_info.

Hi, Juergen, Ray and others,

> Hi,
> installing the libc6_2.0.7u-6.deb package from the actual "frozen" 
> distribution breaks the actual menu_1.5-17.deb package, namely the 
> "update-menus" executable. The latter now crashes with the error message:
> update-menus: error in loading shared libraries
> /usr/lib/libstdc++-libc6.0-1.so.2: undefined symbol: __register_frame_info
> The libstdc++2.9 package containing the "/usr/lib/libstdc++-libc6.0-1.so.2" 
> shared library required by update-menus has been left untouched.

After I followed Ray's `It Works For Me (TM) recipe', 

> - get dpkg and apt versions from current frozen if you haven't already, 
>   and install them; these are linked against libstdc++2.9 rather than 2.8 [*], 
> - get libc6 2.0.7u-6 and libstdc++2.9 2.91.59-1 (currently only in Incoming 
>   and its mirrors; see http://www.debian.org/devel/incoming_mirrors), 
>   and install them in one go:
>   dpkg -i libc6_2.0.7u-6.deb libstdc++2.9_2.91.59-1_i386.deb

I couldn't get any of my egcs-compiled C++ programmes to
fail. This may be because I just didn't try to run `update-menu' (true),
but it might also have to do with me installing libstdc++2.9_2.91.59-1_i386.deb
(or did I install -2, from unstable? not sure any more).

Anyway, as I have no way to verify all this now (I'm at work, no way to
login to debian system), I'd like some other opinions
on this, so that, once I get home, I can recopmile menu without delay.
That's why I crosposted Ray on this.

The thing is that when I installed libc6-2.0.7u-6 this weekend, I noticed
that my old libc6 was still -4, and that one is as far as I'm aware
unaffected by the __register_frame_info problem. So I'd expect that
any menu version I compiled myself should be OK.

Does installing libstdc++2.9_2.91.59-1_i386.deb along with libc6_2.0.7u-6
fix update-menus? (i.e. is the libstdc++2.9 version the problem reporter
has on his system the cause of the problem, not menu)?
This Seems the most likely, though, as it would also explain why I've only
had this report now, and why all the other people didn't mention menu
in their `affected packages' (only fakeroot, but that version wasn't
compiled by me).

Or am I wrong, and should I really upload a fixed menu version? If so,
why is a binary compiled with libc6-2.0.7u-4 also affected by this
__register_frame_info problem?


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