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Re: Draft new DFSG

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > * because it implements something inherently unsecure, or is written in such
> >   an insecure manner that fixing it would require a rewrite
> We have many such programs now.

Um, really? Could you name a few?

> If the package indicates its known
> insecurities, we have been willing to let folks use it. Isn't that what
> "freedom" means?

Someone gave the example of a package to mail them /etc/shadow. Do you
really think that would belong in debian if I made and packaged it?

> > * because it is 5 gb in size and will only be used by a few hundred people
> >   on earth.
> So, large databases of information of use to only a few people constitutes
> a reason to reject the efforts of a developer who can afford to make such
> an upload?

Well, we can't distribute such packages on cd at the moment. And if we could
and debian grew to 10 cd's in size, that would make producing debian cd's a
losing proposition, as well as make it cost a lot more to keep a full debian
mirror. Such a thing could kill or severely harm debian, so yes, I think we
should be able to disallow it even if someone wants to package such a thing.

see shy jo

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