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Re: Trust in the Debian Build Process

At 19:32 +0100 1998-11-28, J.H.M. Dassen \(Ray\) wrote:
There are certainly merits to this, and I'd like to see this implemented, if
it's feasible. It would also prevent disasters like the libc compiled with a
broken /usr/local/bin/gcc we're now in the process of recovering from.

There was an actual bug that caused the __register_frame_info problem too, it was not just a case of using the wrong compiler.

I'm not sure if it's feasible yet. I don't know if we have enough power
available in net.connected machines to pull it off. Also, we'd need a way to
give some builds priority (e.g. security fixes).

Instead of a centralized build process, I'd suggest something like a "Debian Development Environment", which would perhaps be a set of wrapper scripts[1] and such in /usr/bin/debian/ or somesuch, and it would be required to put that directory first in the path when building Debian packages.

[1] Which sanity check the environment and such
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