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Intent to package: sitecopy

sitecopy is for copying locally stored websites to remote ftp servers.
The program will upload files to the server which have changed locally, 
and delete files from the server which have been removed locally, to keep
the remote site synchronized with the local site, with a single command.
The aim is to remove the hassle of uploading and deleting individual files
using an FTP client. sitecopy will also optionally try to spot files you move
locally, and move them remotely.

sitecopy is designed to not care about what is actually on the remote
server - it simply keeps a record of what it THINKS is in on the remote
server, and works from that. 

I will be packaging the current development version, 0.2.9

Tom Lees <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk> <tom@debian.org>  http://www.lpsg.demon.co.uk/
PGP Key: finger tom@master.debian.org, http://www.lpsg.demon.co.uk/pgpkeys.asc.

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