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Re: Call for lawyers: GPL Intelectual property protection

On Sat Nov 28 14:24:46 1998, Gregory S. Stark rambled into the ether:
> Matthew Schlegel <nitehawk@1ststep.net> writes:
> > I'm starting at Microsoft on monday (its just for the money, no flames please)
> > as a contractor.  Part of the contract I had to sign included the following
> > clause:
> > 
> > <Quote>
> > 12.  All ideas, inventions, creations, developments or improvements
> > (collectively "ideas") conceived by Employee, alone or with others, while
> > employed by the Company, whether or not during working hours, that are within
> > the scope of the Company's or Client's business or that relate to any of the
> > Company's or Client's work or projects are the exclusive property of the
> > Company or Client, as the case my be, all of the Employee's right, title and
> > interest in and to all such Ideas, and to any letters Patent, Copyrights and
> > applications therefore in all countries.  
> What I suggest you do is get disclaimers for each specific non-MS project
> signed by your supervisor, or whoever is responsible for licensing issues for
> your department. This is the same paperwork that the FSF would require you to
> get from them before any contributions to FSF projects, and it generally isn't
> hard to convince people to sign them for specific projects. In fact I wouldn't
> be surprised if you found an MS manager who was famliar with them.
> IMPORTANT: When you talk to your employer, *no matter what
> instructions they have given you*, don't fail to show them the sample
> disclaimer above, or a disclaimer with the details filled in for your
> specific case. Companies are usually willing to sign a disclaimer
> without any fuss. If you make your request less specific, you may open
> Pandora's box and cause a long and unnecessary delay.
> greg
> PS: I'm sorry for the lack of timeliness, I'm going through old mail and
> didn't see a complete response to this post.

I got a sample waiver from the friendly people over at the FSF.  I modified it
nicely to fit, and sent a copy over to my employers (Volt Systems).  Thus far,
I have not received any positive response (best I've gotten is that he's
checking with his supervisors) and it isn't looking to good.  I did tell them
that if they were not able to sign the waiver, I would be looking for a better
job right right away.  I'm hoping that they actually take me seriously and
sign the waiver so I can get on with my work.   The FSF has a copy of the
waiver I sent over to Volt Systems with my permission to use freely.  You can
get a copy of it from them or I can send anyone that wants one a copy.

Thanks again everyone and I hope I can get this resolved so I can help out :)

Matthew Schlegel

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