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Unidentified subject!

On 26 Nov 1998 11:28:50 -0600, srivasta@datasync.com writes:

>        I'll bite, Mr Bones. Please show me where we have decided
> to exclude people or packages based on their skin color, race,
> creed, or whether we happened to dislike them today.
>        Either come up with the scads of archived messages
> demonstrating that packages were excluded (or people) based on the
> criteria quoted, or apologize for spreading this level of slander
> about the Debian project.

Firstly, slander is a legal term and if you truly think you could
win a slander case against me for this, litigate!  I dare you.  In a
strange way, I'd sort of like to see Debian proven in a court to
have done the things plainly evidenced by the archives and be held
accountable for it.  However, all I was intending to point out is
that the onslaught of bully tacticts you use (yes Manoj I mean you
specifically, but not limited to you) are as effective a deterrant
as any descriminatory policy, in practice.  

Surely it would be rediculous to include specific language that
allowed you to be whimsically descriminatory, but better still would
to be less cut throught and bullying, and more open minded and
permissive (socially) within the project.  That doesn't mean I think
technical standards should be lowered or relaxed, but just the
excessive level of "bashing" the debian project has become effective
at and infamous for.  The merciless attacks on Bruce Perens are a
case in point.

I realise that my view is subjective and you may feel differently
about the way the project conducts itself, but I'm certainly
entitled to my view and I'm grateful for the opportunity to express
it, despite your attacks above.


Richard G. Roberto

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