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Re: Kernel modules mini-policy?

On Wed, Nov 25, 1998 at 07:45:25PM -0500, Gregory S. Stark wrote:
> Did we ever establish a policy for how to package kernel modules?
> I just released arla, the free AFS client to nonus, but the .deb is probably
> useless to anyone who doesn't have the same 2.0.36-pre7 kernel, which is not
> many people. 
> I've seen some packages go by like ntfs2.0.32 and lsof2.0.33. are there
> instructions on how these packages are supposed to be constructed?

I find precompiled kernel module packages to be effectively useless.
They might work if you have the Debian standard kernel and the maintainer
was using the exact same kernel, but otherwise the symbols will differ
and it won't work.

More useful is providing source in /usr/src/modules which can be built
with "make-kpkg modules_image". pcmcia-source does this; when I built a kernel
on my notebook, I just run "make-kpkg kernel_image .." then "modules_image"
and get the kernel-image package and a pcmcia package ready to install.
I think the ALSA package does the same.

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