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Re: The time has come (part II) ...

Christian Meder <meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> just to bring you the latest news from the Sparc32 port ;-)

> Brian agreed that we will get a freeze on Sparc and therefore we will release 
> sid as Debian 2.1 on sparc. Up to now I took care only to upload packages 
> with sources taken from the frozen dist. So we are pretty much in line 
> with i386.

> There are three issues left which are critical for our (sparc) release:

> which kernel will we use as standard kernel ?

> 2.0.35 is pretty stable for me but it's not completely stable because the 
> virtual consoles die sometimes. 2.1.125 is much better but it has got the
> X logout crash problem.

2.0.35 doesn't boot on my Sparc 20.  (It does boot on another sparc 20
in the office.)  It dies before the screen turns black, just after
detecting the CPUs, so I suspect the problem is related to the
multiple video cards in my machine.

> we need fresh bootfloppies. Eric will you work on the bootfloppies ?

Can we get APT in the new base?  (I usually customize the base 

> Lots of testing. Everybody who wants to see a Debian 2.1 sparc release
> should join in now. Not everything's in place yet but I hope that most of
> the (doable) packages are done by the weekend.

Has anyone tried this stuff on an Ultra?  Does it need any dynamic
loader patches or will an Ultra work out of the box with a special
kernel.  If the latter is true, then we should provide either a
seperate tftpboot image and floppy set for the Ultra, or a combined
"TILO" image and seperate floppy set.


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