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Re: The time has come (part II) ...

On Wed, Nov 25, 1998 at 06:08:20PM +0100, Christian Meder wrote:
> which kernel will we use as standard kernel ?

Although I haven't tried X with it, the 2.1.129 kernel on this debian
sparc system of mine has been up for a almost a week now with no porblems.
There are some problems that I have seen on linux-kernel@ with 129, but
all seem to have been fixed in the latest 2.1.130pre3. Maybe we need to
look beyond 125 for the sparc release?

Also, if no one else is working on it, I would really like to see the
tftpboot image capable of using nfs to install the kernel image and
modules instead of asking for a disk (or does it work and just wasn't
obvious in the install?).

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