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Re: XFree86-3.3.3 has been released

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Jules Bean wrote:

> --On Thu, Nov 26, 1998 1:34 am +0900 "ISHIKAWA Mutsumi"
> <ishikawa@linux.or.jp> wrote: 
> > 
> >  XFree86-3.3.3 has been released at Nov 25, 1998
> > 
> >  This version of xfree86 package will be included in slink? or not?
> Almost certainly not, I would imagine.
> It would only be possible if Branden convinced our release manager to grant
> an exception for the freeze - and it's not clear why he would do that.

Ahh, yet another time that XFree comes through with a new release just
before we make our release.  Color me completely unsuprised :)

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