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Re: EURO patch

--On Wed, Nov 25, 1998 12:45 pm +0100 "Richard Braakman" <dark@xs4all.nl>

> Enrique Zanardi wrote:
>> For those of you not aware of european news, the countries that have
>> joined the European Union are moving towards a common currency, called
>> the "euro". For Linux that means we have to include a new symbol in our
>> charsets, and map it to some key (Meta-e, IIRC) in our keymaps. And we
>> must do it soon, as the transition from the old to the new currency is
>> starting next January, and will be finished in two years.
> Argl.  Meta-e is a-ring, a common Swedish letter.  Couldn't they have
> picked something more obscure?  Replacing the pound symbol would have
> been good; the pound will be replaced anyway.  *duck*

Except, unfortunately, the pound is here for quite some time yet...


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