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Re: Fixes (in terms of bugs)

On Wed, Nov 25, 1998 at 04:40:04AM +0000, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> > I thought there was going to be a dinstall feature that closes bugs
> > exactly when the new packet is installed in the archive.  Wasn't that
> > the whole point of the crazy regexp that was posted here a few months
> > ago?
> Do you really mean dinstall?  I thought that was what is used to
> install a new Debian system?  Is it also the name of the program which
> installs packages from the Incoming queue?

Err... I thought dinstall was the package installer on master.  Maybe I'm
crazy.  I haven't looked at the boot disks in a while.

Note that "dselect" is quite different. :)

> > (What/where is the "release" command, anyway, and how can people get away
> > with such blatant namespace pollution?)
> Dunno.  ;-)
> I wonder, then, whether there could be a section in the .changes file
> which lists the closed bugs, something like:

Actually, someone wrote a neat thingy that searches the changelog for
strings of the form "Fixes bug#23456" or "Fixes: 23456" or various other
things.  My understanding was that it was meant to handle this stuff
automatically.  However, there's certainly nothing doing this at the moment,
since I've had to close lots of my own bugs manually (oh, horrors).

Incidentally, I've been using "dupload" for this.  I didn't realize it had
been superceded.  (It doesn't close bugs automatically, and actually it
sucks quite badly overall, but it beats running ftp by hand.)

Have fun,


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