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Re: Non-interactive installation

>>>>> "BE" == Bernd Eckenfels <lists@lina.inka.de> writes:

    BE> You dont have to go through dselect. You can use --get-selection and
    BE> --set-seelction to copy the selections from one system to another. You can
    BE> even use "apt-get install <pack1> <pack2> ..."


    BE> The Poblem with this is not the install but the
    BE> configuration. There is no current complete solution. The
    BE> deb-wall sub-project has set up a expect script which is able to
    BE> install/configure a given mini set of packets. You can use that
    BE> script for futher work, until this real problem is solved.

    BE> PS:         URL: http://www.weikert.de/debwall/

I did not find any reference to the expect script in the page mentioned
above.  Where can I find it?


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