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o Appindex Record (http://appindex.freshmeat.net/view/911570620/)

on Freshmeat there was an entry about the VSX-PCTS, the POSIX.1 Testsuite of
the Open Group:

 URL: http://www.opengroup.org/testing/downloads/vsx-pcts-faq.html
   G1. What is VSX-PCTS?

   VSX-PCTS is an implementation of IEEE Std 2003.1 Test Methods for
   POSIX.1. It is actively maintained by The Open Group and made freely
   available under an Open Source(tm) licence.

   VSX-PCTS is based on the POSIX test mode of the VSX4 test suite.

   In Europe this test suite is the recognized ISO POSIX-1 certification

Perhaps someone cares about them. Note: its not the full core tests for the
posix cewtification, only major tests for the C language.

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