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custom Kernels for bootfloppies?

If someone happens to have incompatible hardware with the kernel on
the standard rescue disk: 

Does a place exist, where to look for a custom kernel?
What happens if he does not have access to another linux box?

I think we should provide such a custom kernel with the distribution
in specific cases.



Translation/Abstract of a post in de.comp.os.linux.newusers:

"I want to install Debian 2.0 on two computers
both have a scsi adaptor Tekram DC390(T) with up-to-date firmware
(v2.02). The chip used on the adaptor is a AM53C974A.

The DC390(T) does not run with the generic driver for the AM53C974A
(or it runs rather instable), that's why there is a special driver for
the DC390(T) supplied in the kernel. AFAIK somebody is working on a
complete new Driver, which probably will be (Note: is it?) included in
"The boot/rescue discs of debian 2.0 are compiled with the generic
driver, so that I am not even able to install a minimal system to
compile a new kernel [on this SCSI only system]."

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