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Unidentified subject!

On Wednesday 18 November 1998, at 19 h 31, the keyboard of Rob Browning 
<rlb@cs.utexas.edu> wrote:

> One has libgtkGL, the other has libgtkgl.  Is that intentional?  I
> only ask because it looks a little strange...

They are two independant packages, developed separately. In the past, 
gtkglarea's library had a different name. It changed and the Debian maintainer 
of gtkglarea and myself agreed that using case-difference was not a bad idea 
(it involved *no* change of the upstream sources since the case-difference was 
in the original packages).

Developers should note that libgtkGL (Debian: libgtkgl0) seems no longer 
maintained and they should probably use gtkglarea for new developments (they 
provide the same service: using GTK with OpenGL, like Mesa).

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