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Re: Problem: installing hamm on laptop


I believe I had this same problem a year ago.  As far as I remember this happens
because you are using the tecra kernel, but using the normal drivers.

You need to ensure that you use both the tecra kernel and tecra drivers or things
will just not work... reboot... reboot...

I kicked myself a few hundered times when I realised what I had done, it was very
frustrating at the time.

Hope this fixes the problem..


Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> Hi *,
>     I installed hamm on some laptops and I never experienced problems.
> Now I do. The box it's a Fujitsu Lifebook. With the std kernel it
> simply reboots just after uncompressing linux, with the tecra one
> it locks telling me "Failing A20 gating". The slow-load install
> disk reboots just like the std one. Any ideas?

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