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Re: Qt license change

Raul Miller wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 18, 1998 at 02:10:47 -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:
> > > I doubt that. Q PUBLIC LICENSE version 0.9:
> > > :3. You may make modifications to the Software. In order to preserve the
> > > :integrity of the unmodified version of the Software, modifications must be
> > > :distributed in the form of patches
> > > 
> > > This restriction looks incompatible with the GPL.
> Worse: since .deb files are currently not in the form of patches we
> can't distribute modified binaries without severely overhauling both
> dpkg and gcc.

I don't see where you're coming from. The licence is talking about
distributing modifications to the _software_ as patches, not distributing
compiled binaries as patches, which is ridculous.

  4. You may distribute machine-executable forms of the Software or
     machine-executable forms of modified versions of the Software, provided
     that you accompany it with this license and a description of where the
     source code to the Software, plus any patches applied, may be
     downloaded. This information must be put in a location where a user of
     the distribution is likely to look for it.

This is the bit of the license that talks about binaries.

see shy jo

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