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Re: Qt license change

> i am not entirely sure here, but it seems to me that you can produce a
> commercial app with GPL stuff, and sell it. I think with QPL you have to buy
> their commercial Qt version to developp apps. Is this DFSG free ? are you sure

No. If by "commercial" you mean "closed source". GPL'd (not LGPL'd) libraries
requires that derived work (application that uses library) be GPL'd (or
GPL-compatible, i.e. having source redistribution terms the same or less
restrictive than GPL itself).

> of it ? if yes i think this is ok, but as i understood thinks up to now, is
> that for a library to be free you also have to have free developpement tools
> for it. Also i think that the QPL don't agree with the non discrimination
> clause of the DFSG, altough i wish some more informed person would look into
> it.

I agree with you completely. Though my opinion probably will not be
accepted by the majority of developers. I think that GPL'd libraries are 
NOT FREE. (Even in DFSG sense). QPL'd libary is not free for the same reason.

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