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Sucess installing X packages -7

This is to report a sucessful installation of X packages, version After installing, I ran into two problems:

* The locale dir was missing (I haven't had the time to read the
  pre/postinst scripts to find out why) and this prevented wmaker from
  running (this is the reason I installed the packages in the first place,
  to reproduce this bug and find a solution)

* xmodmap lives now on its own package, so my keyboard setup was screwed

I was going to hunt the first bug, but when I started reading xlib6g's
postinst I realized the bug would get fixed reinstalling xlib6g
again. I did, and that fixed that problem. (Is this the dpkg bug that is
exposed by this packages)

The second is as simple as installing xmodmap.

Now I can start working out the bugs in my own packages :-)


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