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Intent to package nbpowerd

Actually, it's already done.
I've posted a newly packaged .deb of nbpowerd to

Lintian is unhappy with it because it has an unregistered script
(powerfail) in /etc/init.d
This is intentional.  Also it doesn't like having a testing script
in /usr/doc/powerfail.test but this seemed like a reasonable place to
put it, as it is only used for debugging purposes.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.
Still waiting on new-maintainer to be able to upload to potato.

Also, note that my Web Host appears to be doing something funny like
preventing downloading of files with unknown extensions (which .deb
happens to be).  If you have trouble getting the file, I've circumvented
their restriction by tarring and gzipping the .deb into

This should get me through the weekend until I have a chance to chew
out my provider.

This .sig space available for lease.  Please contact:
Mitch Blevins | mitch_blevins@mindspring.com

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