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Re: Freeze Arches

On Sat, 07 Nov, 1998, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> >> I thought we were going to do "developer snapshots"
> > Isn't that what unstable is?
> Indeed!
> As you can see, the reason for doing developer snapshots for some of
> the arches where it's not really release ready but it's not all that
> shoddy neither is to simply increase exposure.  I.e., marketing.


What about developers with metered phone bills? If I tried to download all the
source and binaries from unstable it would take ages and cost me lots. I would
prefer the option to buy on CD.

Those working on other archs (i am a i386 man) probably feel the same way. I
mean, what if they hose their system, at least they have most of the packages
on CD.

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						-- The GNU Manifesto

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