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Re: PGP vs. GnuPG again... sorry

(Note that I'm not currently a Debian developer)
Last I heard we were working towards being able to handle GPG keys
however the systems were not ready yet..

My suggestion is generate a 2.6+ key, cleartext sign it with your
current key (So the new signature is viewable without pgp 5), and ask
people who have signed your current key to sign the new key (Having your
signature on the new key should safely assure that its still you)

Hope you can figure out something..

Zephaniah E, Hull..

On Fri, Nov 06, 1998 at 07:03:44PM +0100, Holger Eitzenberger wrote:
> Hi
>   for me to become a Debian developer i finaly need to submit my PGP
> public key to the Debian authorities. However, as a user of PGP 5.x my PGP
> key was rejected and i am not willing to generate another PGP key.
> May i instead simply generate a GnuPG keypair and sent it?
>   Holger
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