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Re: re freezing powerpc

> I think this is a bad idea.
> debian/powerpc at present:
>  - has no X (until the new glibc is uploaded)
>  - is switching glibc versions by five

Both will be uploaded by you in the next days?

>  - has no working base tarball, let alone installer

Yes :-(  The time is to short for a full release to 15th Dez. 

>  - has nothing approaching the set of packages it could given a little
>    more time

Yes, we need always testing. But if the new glibc version doesn't break 
anything ... !?

So the current state is that some package are missing and no installer
is available (bootp/tftpboot is possible).

I think this is the same status on sparc ... ehmmm sparc-32b  :-)


Currently powerpc need three things:

* boot-floppies  (my work)
* debian-cd (Joel Klecker is working on this)
* an extra parameter for make-kpkg for $SUBARCH  (i hope Manoj is working on this)

Have sparc's also Subarchs? (as m68k and powerpc; what about alpha??)



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