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Re: verify

On 1998/11/05, Avery Pennarun wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 05, 1998 at 07:55:37PM +0100, Michael Meskes wrote:
> > We had a binary named verify in earlier releases (I believe in netstd or
> > so). It seems I cannot find it anymore. Does anyone know what happened?

> What did it do?  Do you mean vrfy?  (I don't know where that is either,
> but...)

Do you mean this vrfy?

Package: vrfy
Priority: optional
Section: mail
Installed-Size: 43
Maintainer: Herbert Xu <herbert@debian.org>
Architecture: i386
Version: 980626-1
Replaces: netstd
Depends: libc6
Filename: dists/frozen/main/binary-i386/mail/vrfy_980626-1.deb
Size: 21832
MD5sum: ae2fbd0d1db48c458b181a48dd07583c
Description: Verify electronic mail addresses.
 'vrfy' is a tool to verify email addresses and mailing lists.  In its simplest
 form it takes an address "user@domain", figures out the MX hosts for "domain",
 and issues the SMTP command VRFY at the primary MX host (optionally all), or
 at "domain" itself if no MX hosts exist.  Without "domain" it goes to
 "localhost".  More complex capabilities are: recursively expanding forward
 files or mailing lists, and detecting mail forwarding loops.  Full-blown
 RFC822 address specifications are understood.  Syntax checking can be carried
 out either locally or remotely.  Various options are provided to exploit
 alternative protocol suites if necessary, and to print many forms of verbose
 output.  Obvious limitations exist, but on average it works pretty well.

	- Ruud de Rooij.

Ruud de Rooij

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