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Re: Master is still *really* slow:-/

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998 21:06:00 -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:

>I've sent complains to my isp before...  The response I got back was "Are
>you using netscape or M$IE?  How did you get these numbers and what are
>they?  I asked around and nobody knows what this means" I'm like damn people
>hire me!  I apparently know more tcp/ip than the lot of you put together! 

    Yeah, ask for the next guy up, and the next, and the next.  Someone there
SOMWHERE has to have some clue.  When one of my ISPs was having problems I
just went up the chain until I hit the support manager.  I just started
mailing him nightly MTRs.  After about a week the identified three different
problems with the network, one of which was a problem where they hooked into
another provider (sprintlink, anyone?).  After getting two weeks of nightly
MTRs from me the just dumped them all on their upstream and told them to fix
it or shove it.  Two nights later my lag problems (2-3 seconds of lag)
disappeared completely.

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