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Re: where's faire?

Tom Lear <tom@trap.mtview.ca.us> writes:

> Bad host name: kullervo.debian.org

kullervo.infodrom.north.de is the real hostname and what
m68k.debian.org points to.

> {255} bug:~%ssh m68k.debian.org -l lear
> lear@m68k.debian.org's password: 
> Permission denied.

Accounts are available on request, but we really don't want Joe Random
developer building packages on here as a build daemon is already
running on it.  On the other hand, developers trying to debug/test a
specific package for m68k are of course welcome to use it.

But be aware, kullervo is an 030/24 with 24Mb or so of memory, build
daemon or no, it's not a fast machine.

> {255} bug:~%ssh tervola.debian.org -l lear
> Bad host name: tervola.debian.org

As with kullervo.

> {255} bug:~%ssh ppc.debian.org -l lear
> Bad host name: ppc.debian.org

powerpc, not ppc.  Though I believe the same idea as m68k.debian.org

> {255} bug:~%ssh cookie-monster.debian.org -l lear Bad host name:
> cookie-monster.debian.org

This is not a machine donated to Debian, but rather a machine it's
owner (Arno Griffioen) very kindly allows us to run a build daemon on.
It's on a very limited and shared (i.e. modem) permanent connexion, so
he wants the bandwidth usage kept to a minimum, and he may need the
machine for non-Debian purposes at random times (though he hasn't so
far).  (In other words, no accounts available, sorry)

James - me want *COOKIE*!

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