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Re: Debian code size

On Tue, Nov 03, 1998 at 01:37:54PM -0500, Michael Stone wrote:
> Quoting Lars Wirzenius (liw@iki.fi):
> > 		lines	bytes	packages
> > 	hamm	37.41	865.713	1116
> > 	slink	70.6M	1144.6M	1602
> I'm a bit confused. Where should the M's be? Do we really have
> 70,000,000 lines of source? (Cool :-) OTOH, the number of packages
> increased by like 50% and the loc doubled: where'd the bloat come from?

It's bloat for you, a gift from the gods for me :-) If Lars counted contrib
on that one, then I guess IRAF adds quite a bit to the total count. Mozilla
is also is slink, and that's another big piece of meat to chew. Gnome is
also in slink and not in hamm, I think. And there's an extra kernel
(2.1.125). Did hamm ship with egcs?

Lars, did you counted *.C, *.H, *.cc and stuff like that? There are a couple
of large packages in C++


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