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Re: Dual boot from NT bootloader

>As enough people have shows this can easily be done. But just to be
>sure I want to add one big warning:
>  NEVER NEVER NEVER use the disk administrator from NT to change the
>  active partiton! It has the nasty habit if reordering partition to
>  make sure the first partition is the active one, thereby breaking
>  everything you have in /etc/fstab and other places with hardcoded
>  partitionnumbers.
Please, please, listen to me just for a second! Maybe it's my fault, but I
prefer a boot method which deals with files insted of with sector lists;
none the less, the NT dual-boot suggested from the mini-howto is really
old fashioned, and needless complex, since you have to replace the mbr.bin
file anytime you redo a liloconfig. I dare suggest you to look better into
hpa's syslinyx, and find out how you can tell nt bootloader to bootstrap
from a FAT partition, where you installed syslinux; then it is just a
matter of copying your just built kernel to the fat partition, and maybe
edit syslinux.cfg to be able to boot different linux kernels, or the same
kernel with different options or...

Sorry for being this dense, hope someone will find my rantings useful.



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