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Re: where's faire?

On Tue 03 Nov 1998, Junio Hamano wrote:
> >>>>> "PS" == Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> writes:
> PS> Why the difficult name? What's wrong with alpha.debian.org?
> Using the architecture name itself to name _a_ host is usually a
> bad practice.  You have to come up with another name when you
> get another alpha machine, and most natually you would name it
> alpha2.debian.org.  At that point, people wonder where
> alpha1.debian.org is (which does not exist), and the name gives

... which could of course be an alias for the first alias.

However, seeing how long it took to get this first alpha, I think
we can postpone discussion of what to call the second one :-)

Anyway, I still don't see why the alpha should be named after a
french composer (which is what I gather 'faure' is; I've never
really heard of him),  as we already have m68k.debian.org and
powerpc.debian.org.  I propose we rename those to some vague
composer as well...

Paul Slootman
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http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software,   Enschede,   the Netherlands

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