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Re: SSHD patch for Debian?

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Amos Shapira wrote:

> Hello,
> With all the talks and patches for ssh-1.2.26 flying around on bugtraq
> (today someone finally reportted finding an exploit program), are
> there any plans to release a patched version?  I tried applying the
> posted patch to the source and run "debian/rules binary" but though
> the compilation phase runs fine, it failed to build a package ("find:
> can't find usr/bin/ssh-askpass" or somesuch).
> As far as I see it right now, this doesn't comply with Debian's
> declared commitment for rapid security fixes.
> Look at the bugtraq archives for the patches.  It applies cleanly on
> the source files but not on the Makefile.in, but then Linux has the
> new function in its libc6 so it isn't necessary.

Nobody has yet determined a patch for the problems, IBM revoked theirs :<
If you have one send it to security@debian.org Presumably someone will
figure out what is wrong RSN.


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